Your Angel Guidance Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th December 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th December 2018

“Remember what it felt like to be in love? To experience unconditional love for another? You may think you have forgotten but deep inside there is a place in you that remembers. Deep inside there is a place that longs for you to remember.

“You don’t need the love of another to make your life complete, but you do need to acknowledge that you can experience even greater happiness when you share your life with another, with someone you love and who loves you. This is not hard to be found. Love is everywhere. It only escapes you when you believe you don’t deserve it, or that love is limited, or some other condition that you have grown to believe in.

“Love is everywhere. It is what sustains you in this world. Without it you would not be alive.

“Why is it your cut yourself off from it?

“Do you think a loving relationship is limited to a certain few? This is not true. It is available to everyone, if you so choose.

“You must also choose to let go of the limiting beliefs you hold around love. Give them up.

“We ask you to open up to receiving new love into your life.

“How does it feel to open up to receiving someone new to share your life with?

“Does it feel inspiring, exciting, fun, joyous? If so, you are ready.

“If you feel nervous, uncertain, hesitant, there is still some work for you to do around what you believe love to be. We can help you to release limiting beliefs that you have held onto for too long if you ask for our help.

“We are certain that love will find you… if you let it.”

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