Your Angel Guidance Monday 8th – Sunday 14th April 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 8th – Sunday 14th April 2019

“You are standing in the light, you always have been. It seemed as if the light was lost when you turned your back to it. You were simply facing your shadow.

“It can seem like a dark place when you are in this space. It can seem like the light has left you. The light hasn’t disappeared, it cannot. You simply have to choose.

“Choose to turn towards the light, even when you are feeling angry and justified in your anger, even when you are feeling sad and wallowing in your sadness, even when you are feeling guilty and believe there is reason for your guilt.

“There is never reason for guilt, there is never justification in your anger, there is never a need to wallow in sadness.

“Staying in these heavy emotions only keeps you stuck there.

“Acknowledge your emotions, but don’t stay stuck in feeling “bad”.

“To turn towards the light, you simply turn towards better feeling emotions.

“From sadness, turn towards acceptance.

“From anger, turn towards allowing.

“From guilt, turn towards self-love.

“You may not leap from sadness to happiness in one fell swoop, but you can reach for better feelings.

“Let go of the need to hold onto your heavy emotions so tightly. Open up to the possibility of letting go and choosing a different, better feeling emotion.

“We promise, you will rejoice when you start to do this, because you will realise that the light has been there all along and when you turn away from your shadow, the light ALWAYS greets you.

“Have courage Dear One, we know you can do this.”

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