Your Angel Guidance Monday 15th – Sunday 21st April 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 15th – Sunday 21st April 2019

“In your still, deep, quiet centre, there is a place of unlimited love. This is your core, the essence of who you are.

“If ever you feel anything other than love, pause for a moment and “plug in” to your core. It is easy to do. Just let go and it will reveal itself to you.

“This essence of love exists inside you but also in a place outside of time and space, a place so pure and untouched. Here is where you belong, where you exist for eternity.

“While you take time to have fun having a physical experience, know that a part of you will always remain in this perfect place. This is not a far off place. This place is inside you, and you inside it.

“It may seem confusing but we promise, it all makes sense. For now, we urge you to worry not about life’s “problems” and focus on the love inside you. Stay here, stay in touch with this part of you… your essence, the light of your being.”

Who Am I?

I’m Sandra Rea, an Author, Healer & Speaker, and I teach spiritual empowerment for women. Host of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast and Founder of the Fiercely Spiritual Family. I help you to create a life more extraordinary through meditation, manifestation and mastering your mindset.

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