Your Angel Guidance Monday 24th – Sunday 30th June 2019

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Your Angel Guidance Monday 24th – Sunday 30th June 2019

Your worries lead you into the depths of despair if you let them. You often let them go there. This is why you have been fearful. Of course you are fearful when you turn towards the worst possible outcome. Everyone does this but some have learned to turn away from the thoughts which cause pain and suffering and turn towards thoughts which bring relief and joy.

It is not difficult to do, but it can be difficult to remember to do it! It’s as simple as maintaining your focus on that which brings you joy. That is all. How easy is it to focus on your joy? Quite difficult it may seem, but it need not be.

Your role is to become an expert at guiding your thoughts back to joy each time you find that you are veering off into the wilderness of your fears. And it truly is a wilderness, you can (and do) get lost in there. Once you are in the thick of the fear it can be difficult to find your way out but like any intrepid explorer, you allow the light to lead you back on course. Without a compass you would use the sunlight to get clear on your direction, you can do the same with your thoughts.

What lights you up? What brings you joy? What causes your heart to sing? Turn towards these things. Soon you will find you are less and less in the thick of the fear and if you continue in this direction, you will very soon be out of the wilderness and back on the path of light.

Some of you will argue that it is foolish to simply drop your fears and focus only on your joy. We would say it is foolish not to!

Your fear thoughts have never brought you anything which pleases you. If you are to walk in the light, commit to being in the light. This includes every part of you, your body, mind and spirit.

Align these aspects of you and you will find peace.

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