Guided Angel Meditation for the Winter Solstice


The upcoming Winter Solstice on the 21st December is the time at which the light during the day and the darkness at night are equal in length. From this point on the duration of daylight increases progressively, approximately fifteen minutes additional daylight per week, so my mother always told me!

So what does this signify? It represents new beginnings, renewal and hope. It is a time to release old ties with the past and to move forward with renewed strength and optimism. There is a sense that just like the slumbering bulbs that lie beneath the earth that are now starting to very gently stir, so too our hearts are gently reawakening to the light. This time holds opportunity for us to reach our full potential, to be the person that we have always wanted to be and moreover the person that we have always known that we are.

This Guided Angel Meditation will help you to tap into your True Self and your True Potential. It can be practiced at any time but is particularly powerful in the days before and after the Solstice.

It also allows you to heal your inner child and resolve issues from your childhood that you have been carrying around unresolved.

You can now release the hurt that this inner child has felt and move on with love and joy.

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