How To Connect To Your Inner Guide, Even When You Have No Intuition!

In this interview I’m chatting with Best Selling Hay House Author Srimanju Katragadda. Watch the interview or listen here.

I’ll be telling you all about her new book below, but first let me tell you a bit about who Srimanju is.

Srimanju is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Healer & Teacher. She’s the Co Creator of Kids Angel Cards and she teaches Mindfulness to children at school and in Fortune 500 companies.

I first met Srimanju a few years ago and immediately connected to the warmth of her energy. I was fascinated to learn about her story of how she went from ill health and chronic pain to become the successful, fulfilled author and healer she is today. In the video interview Srimanju tells us all about her transformative journey, her process of recovery, and beyond recovery into the purposeful life she lives today.

She shares the processes she uses to connect to her inner guide, seek it’s advice and follow it’s guidance. Simple tools which you can start using straight away in your life to live a life of purpose, fulfilment and joy.

According to Srimanju, “Life is Magic it’s all about discovering it and experiencing this beautiful journey of life.”

Her first book Connect To Your Inner Guide – Seven Sutras To Mindful Awakening tells us exactly how to do just that! Watch here now. Not to be missed!

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