The Cosmic Grid

Cosmic GridThe Cosmic Grid is the energetic grid or building blocks that make up the universe.

Purpose of the Cosmic Grid

The structure that holds together matter and anti-matter, creating a vorciforic grid of energy. It can be likened to the building bricks that are used to build a house or other structures, but unlike stone bricks, the cosmic grid is not fixed, it is constantly moving and changing structure. This allows it to uphold the energetic structure but also allowing for expansion and change at a cosmic and minute level (which are one and the same).

The cosmic grid is a living entity, like the planets are living energetic organisms, the cosmic grid is an intelligent entity created by the divine.

In addition to upholding the structure of the universe, the cosmic grid also acts as a conduit for energy and cosmic intelligence and can be used as a type of universal communications channel, transmitting thoughts and frequencies instantly throughout the universe.

As we are energetic beings of light, we can consciously tune into the cosmic grid to give and receive energy and intelligence. We are doing this anyway to a certain degree at a subconscious level as everything is connected but if a conscious connection is made it is ever more powerful.

How to attune to the Cosmic Grid

Tuning in is as simple as setting the intention to consciously tune into the divine intelligence and energy of the cosmic grid for the greatest good of all concerned. Then sit in meditation and hear, see and feel the cosmic grid inside of you and all around you. See the light synapses of energy being carried along the cosmic grid as instant flashes of light traveling so fast they are almost imperceptible while a the same time brilliant and dynamic. See the vibrating, pulsating energy field at a cosmic level connected to and one with all. Feel this energy inside of you.

After connecting to the cosmic grid, ask for the connection to be reduced to a functional level. If we were to constantly maintain an open connection it would become overwhelming.

If feeling a bit spaced out afterwards, practice grounding to rebalance and realign your energy.

*Note – I see the cosmic grid at a structural level as a honeycomb grid pattern and at an energetic level alike the coloured neural pathways that can be seen in brain imaging.

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3 responses

  • When I sit in the sun to meditate, immediately, as soon as I close my eyes, it’s there… A grid. It’s like I’m sitting in a room with grid lines on the walls and floor (can’t see the ceiling, just the wall in front of me, and the floor in front of me). The grid does seem to bend sometimes, warp, at times like a sphere, but usually returns to be square. Can’t say what color the grid is, beyond lines of illumination, because there is that wash of sun light through the eye lids, with all kinds of colors, and the grid lines are behind that. The longer I meditate the clearer the lines are. But then, suddenly, they will vanish, and it’s like I’m looking at the bluest sky I’ve ever seen, but my eyes are closed. I will often hear a very calm voice guiding me, instructing me, as if guided meditation.

    A secondary phenomenon, is that whenever I go outside to meditate in the sun, suddenly someone is drilling, or dogs start barking, or a big truck starts idling. It can be absolutely quiet a moment before, and then, the whole world gets loud – as if something wants to stop me from meditating.

  • In February of 2014 I was sitting in a dirt parking lot in Peguche Falls, just outside of the Indigenous town of Otavalo, Ecuador, a site considered sacred to the local Kichwa people who live in these High Andes. It was very hot and being sensitive to heat I chose to sit on a tree stump in the parking lot (in the sun) while the rest of my party went on a hike to the Falls. There were small shops surrounding the parking lot and suddenly everything in my field of vision became overlaid by a clear, hexagonal/beehive shaped grid (the hexagonal shape was made by thin black lines but the centers were all clear). I kept thinking I should move into the shade but I couldn’t move. So I sat there, on that tree stump, and continued to be “blown away”. I blinked several times and the grid remained. I finally found the strength to move into the shade and as soon as I did the grid disappeared. I don’t spend much time in the sun because I am very fair-skinned and I burn easily but that day… . I still don’t know what possessed me to sit the sun instead of in the shade.

    Also, the day before I had read that on that particular day there would be a very strong energy at many if not all the sacred sites on the planet. I don’t remember the date but it was on a Saturday, I believe. Now I am attempting to recreate the grid in a painting. Wow, what an experience.