Episode 30 – The Future You

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast, Episode 30 – The Future You

Do you ever have a moment when you’re transported to a memory that comes up out of nowhere but seems so vivid and real? In this weeks episode of the podcast I’m talking about those moments and how they might be more real than you think. I discuss how the veil between worlds or dimensions is thinning and how this can affect us. You’ll also learn how you can influence your past and receive help from your future!

Fiercely Spiritual Family

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2 responses

  • Sandra, this podcast is so profound and as you were speaking I recall how many times I’ve tried to explain something very similar to what you’ve just said, only to have the listener look at me with an expression that says “really…what meds are you on?!!!”
    When I look back at my early childhood, my teen years and all the years since I realize I’ve lived many lives and I sometimes go back and visit me in those years! So it was wonderful to hear you describe this ‘return’ in such detail.
    I also believe that not only is there a future me but there is also a future that may already have happened and right now we may be living in a past chapter of what’s already occurred. Now it may be your turn to say “really? what meds are you on?!!” LOL!
    Sandra, you’re doing amazing work and I’m so delighted and blessed to be a member of the Fiercely Spiritual Family. Thank you.

    • I know Anne, I’ve had that a lot also but so many people are starting to open up to these concepts and question what they “know” to be true. We have to shine a light to lead the way so others can follow. xx

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