Your Angel Guidance – Monday 29th October – Sunday 4th November 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance – Monday 29th October – Sunday 4th November 2018

“Coming from a place of integrity and truth is an important part of the ascension process. More and more you realise that those little “white” lies have more significance than you think. Making excuses, hiding behind words and not showing up to your truth is more harmful to you than you know. Coming back to living from a place of integrity has a profound effect on your own energy but also affects how others perceive you. When you are out of integrity you are out of alignment and this can be felt by you and others.

“You are not alone in this, most of you are hiding something out of fear. It is time to make decisions not through fear but through love. Each time you act out of fear, you are feeding the fear. Each time you choose love instead, you are expanding through love. This is what you want. It feels good to allow yourself to expand into the fullness of who you are unrestricted. When you do this, you honour your truth, because love is who you are.

“So we urge you to decide. Are you choosing to live from fear or from love? This is a decision you make in each moment. And if you momentarily choose fear over love, you have infinite opportunities to choose love again.

“We honour you. We love you. We see your light. Shine brightly!”

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