Episode 13: The Problem With the Law of Attraction

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast Episode 13: The Problem With the Law of Attraction

This week I’m talking about the Law of Attraction and the problem with it! When you get this, it will make using the Law of Attraction SO much easier for you. I don’t want you to just listen to the episode though and think “yeah that makes sense”, I want you to put what you learn into practice.

It’s like playing an instrument, we could talk all day about how to play the guitar, where to place your fingers, how to strum and so on but you’re never going to actually play the guitar by just talking about how it works. You’re going to have to get in there and practice, practice and practice some more!

It’s the same with the Law of Attraction, listen to the episode, learn from it, then put it into practice. Experiment, have fun with it but most of all keep trying until you become a master at it!

After you’ve listened message me on Instagram and let me know how you are going to put this into practice. When you commit to something you become more accountable, so let me be your accountability partner!

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2 responses

  • Sandra, I love this analogy comparing radio stations and I put it into effect this morning. I have been involved on the periphery in local politics and we have an election coming up. This morning some particularly nasty back and forths between candidates was bothering me and I was dwelling on it and kept replaying it over and over. It was making me feel very negative and I decided to try your radio station analogy and switched my thinking to a different wavelength….and it worked! This is a wonderful way to think and I will be doing it from now on. Thank you, you are a gift for my soul and so many other souls!

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