Episode 23: 9/9 Gateway – Manifesting with the New Moon

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast Episode 23: 9/9 Gateway – Manifesting with the New Moon

You know those moments when you can sense something exciting is coming? It’s like you can feel the anticipation but you don’t quite know what it is for. This month, September, is filled with that energy of excitement and anticipation. It’s almost like a graduation where you’ve done all the hard work, passed the exams and now it’s time to celebrate!

You’ve heard me rave on about the exciting opportunity the upcoming New Moon brings, and I thought I’d rave about it some more in this weeks episode of the podcast. Not just because it’s exciting and hugely significant but because I feel drawn to share the opportunity it brings with as many as possible.

In this episode I talk about:
- The 9/9 gateway and the meaning of the number 9.
- The dark phase of the Moon and it’s significance.
- The quickening.
- How to jump on this wave of opportunity rather than getting left behind.
- Soul desires, soul connection and your soul group.

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