Your Angel Guidance Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th September 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 3rd – Sunday 9th September 2018

“The temptation is to stay focused on the problems, the seemingly negative. Staying focused on what you do not want will only keep you stuck. It only brings more of the same.

“The way out is to focus on what you DO want.

“If you were to try to open a door only to find that it was locked, would you persist in trying to open it over and over again or would you try another door? Focusing on what you dont want is the same as trying the locked door again and again.

“Choose another door. Choose new thoughts!

“Choose to focus only on what you want in life. This takes practice as you have been focused for so long on what you don’t want, but it is possible to change, especially if you invoke our help.

“Do it now. Think of something that is desired in your life. Give no thought to whether it is possible or “realistic”. Think only of the most positive outcome. Play with this process, have fun imagining the best and FEELING grateful for having it now. Focus all your attention on this outcome. Immerse yourself in the glorious expectancy of the best. Give no thought to anything else for these few moments. And then let it go.

“Go back to this vision as often as you like. Feel the feeling of it as if it already happened. The more you do this, the better it will feel and you’ll enjoy doing this more and more. And as you practice this, for the joy of the feeling it gives you, you will begin to notice the positive change you desire in your life.”

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