Episode 45: Time and Money are Never the Real Issue!

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast, Episode 45: Time and Money are Never the Real Issue!

If you’re using the issue of time or money as an excuse not to be, do or have something, then you’re in for a shock, because in reality time and money are never the real issue at play…

They may seem to be the problem and you might have convinced yourself that money or time certainly is a real issue, but I assure you they are not.


Yes, I know this seems like absurd logic and you’re probably wondering “well, if that’s not the issue, then what is?”

There is another factor at play here and it can be so insidious that most of us don’t even recognise it at work.

Tune into this week’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast to find out exactly what the “issue” is and how to overcome it.


Fiercely Spiritual Family

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast. If you’d like to develop your spiritual superpowers so that you can achieve your dreams, my members group the Fiercely Spiritual Family could be the very thing you’re looking for. Find out more here.

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