Your Angel Guidance Monday 24th – Sunday 30th September 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 24th – Sunday 30th September 2018

“Remember Beloved One, your true nature. Remember the TRUTH of who you are. Remember your divine essence. Remember the joy and ecstasy of being.

“You may leave behind the weight of this world. You may carry it also, it is up to you.

“Whether you travel lightly or with a heavy burden, you get to choose. We support you either way.

“Of course, we wish for you to walk your path without the weight of worry and fear, but we also understand that you have come to know no other way. We are here to remind you of another way. We’re here to help you to remember your “lightness” of being.

“The truth of who you are is this: you are pure light energy, you have come into form from the essence of the divine. You have been moulded from the ether out of star stuff and shaped into human form. You never lost your divine nature, you never lost your light, it still shines brightly inside you. It may seem obscured but we assure you, it is there.

“Can you feel it? Can you sense, even just a little bit of your divinity?

“Star Child, Beloved One, almighty creator of worlds, what power does fear have over you? It is but a speck of dust that can be blown away with the slightest of breath. And, it is gone.

“Fear no more. Be in your power. There is work for you to do. You hear it calling you to rise up, to be the source of light. Stand up, reclaim your power, stand strong in your truth.

“You are here to shine your light. Shine brightly, Dear One, shine on.”

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