Your Angel Guidance, Monday 1st – Sunday 7th October 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance, Monday 1st – Sunday 7th October 2018

“There is an energy of excitement emerging, an energy of newness, new beginnings, new relationships and even an opportunity to meet your soulmate. Know that this is possible for you. You deserve true love. You deserve a harmonious, happy partnership. You deserve all that your heart desires. But are you ready?

“Are you ready to open your heart to love? Are you ready to allow yourself to feel… truly feel? Are you ready to let go of fear, drama and doubts which have kept you from meeting your soulmate?

“We think you are but we don’t decide for you… you decide. Your decision is reflected in your thinking, your words and your actions. Are you thinking positive thoughts of love and connection, or are you focusing on lack? Are you saying words which support you in meeting your soulmate or are you telling everyone that “you’ll never meet the One”? Are you spending time with new people and opening up to new friendships or are you hiding away by yourself?

“If you feel afraid of opening up to new possibilities, we can help. Just call on us and we will be with you, supporting you and guiding you. We’re whispering in your ear, reminding you of your worth, encouraging you to go out and celebrating with you when you experience the bliss of new connection.”

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