Episode 27: The Universe is constantly speaking to you.

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast Episode 27: The Universe is constantly speaking to you.

Do you ever wake up and you’re not quite awake but you’re not asleep either? You’re in that strange in between world where the ego hasn’t quite kicked in yet and you’re experiencing pure consciousness. That’s what happened the other morning when I woke, and the stream of consciousness was really interesting. I talk about it in detail in this podcast, as well as the way the Universe speaks to us. We constantly receiving message, insights and guidance from the Universe but we’re just not tuned in, so we miss the messages all around us.

Imagine having a mystical experience while doing your grocery shopping or getting answers to your problems while driving down the motorway. We can all experience the Universe in deeper more meaningful ways if we open up to new experiences of reality.

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