Your Angel Guidance, Monday 8th – Sunday 14th October, 2018

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance, Monday 8th – Sunday 14th October, 2018

“Sinking into old ways of being no longer serves you. When you go there, the pain, the suffering feels worse and worse because you have tasted bliss. It’s not enough to think “good” thoughts, you have to act in the same way. If your thinking and doing is out of alignment, you’ll feel this… and it won’t feel good.

“When you notice your words or actions don’t match up with how you wish to be, start over. Press pause for a moment.

“Any emotion you feel that is not love is simply your resistance to love. Let go of the resistance and you return to love.

“To practice letting go, be still, breathe deeply. Ask the Angels of Divine Love to attune you to the frequency of love. Sit, breathe, relax. Allow your body to let go of any pain. Allow your mind to let go of any thoughts. Allow your spirit to soar.

“When you practice this often, you will start to notice a difference. Five minutes is all it takes, but do it every day. Practice a few times throughout the day if you wish. You’ll know it’s “working” if it feels good. Note how you feel before and after.

“As you start to feel better and better, you’ll want to do this more and more. Eventually, you won’t need to sit to practice this, it will become a way of being.”

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