Your Angel Guidance, Monday 20th – Sunday 26th May 2019

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance, Monday 20th – Sunday 26th May 2019

“Your joy is not something you need to achieve. Your joy lies inside you. Whenever you feel anything less than joyous, know that you are simply holding yourself apart from the joy that’s in your heart. This has become easy for you to do, but it is simply a habit, a habit that you can break.

“Joy is possible for you now in this moment. Even if it seems like it is very far away, it is only because you are looking outside yourself to find joy. It is extremely difficult to find it when you are looking in the wrong place. Stop looking outside yourself. Go back to your source of joy, your own dear heart. This is where you’ll find it.

“You don’t have to be joyful in every moment. You can experience your full range of emotions, but each time you choose joy, you choose what is true.

“That is what life is about, experiencing that which is not joy in order to fully appreciate and experience the fullness of joy.

“Your experiences are all part of the process. Embrace it all, but do not stay in lower energy emotions any longer than necessary. Enjoy the contrast and return to joy.

“You are not here to suffer. You are not here to live in worry and fear. You are not here to settle for anything less than a joyous life.

“You do a disservice to yourself and others when you stay stuck in fear, anxiety and doubt.

“Use your life experiences to blossom into greater joy, not to fall into stagnation.

“Remember, the joy is always inside you.”

Who Am I?

I’m Sandra Rea, an Author, Healer & Speaker, and I teach spiritual empowerment for women. Host of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast and Founder of the Fiercely Spiritual Family. I help you to create a life more extraordinary through meditation, manifestation and mastering your mindset.

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2 responses

  • Dear Sandra

    Thank you for the good work. Thank you for sharing your gift to the world.

    My life has changed for the better since i have notice my first angel number which was at that time 11:11. Today i am a different person that 5 years ago.

    Your guidance are much appreciated.
    I love mysels. I love the angels and i love you.


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