How To End Your Suffering And Experience Relief

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
~ Joseph Campbell

I just love this quote. It captures the very essence of most of life’s problems and the solution – if we face our fears, we receive untold rewards.

Most of us spend our lives running from our fears. We do this in many creative and unexpected ways – by playing small, becoming immersed in work, creating mini dramas so we don’t have to face the bigger issues, believing we’re not good enough, feeling powerless, giving away our power… the list goes on.

In reality most fears exist only in our minds. We forget that our minds are powerful however and we create our lives out of the thoughts we think. Our predominant thoughts become the reality in which we exist. It goes without saying then, that if our predominant thoughts are fear based, our lives will reflect this. We live our fears, creating more of the same.

On the other hand, if we face our fears, if we have the courage to enter the cave, what we fear disappears and we are left with only blessings.

Our emotions are the best indicator of our thoughts. If you are feeling stressed and anxious your thoughts are mainly fear based. If you are feeling any painful emotions, the root is fear based thoughts.

Nobody wants to live in fear, we just don’t know how to stop the fear based thinking and live a life of freedom and happiness.

If you want to feel better, you have to become aware of your emotions. You need to uncover the root cause of your suffering and you need to be able to identify this cause.

It may sound like a difficult, lengthy process but in fact it’s quite simple. It’s so simple that almost anyone could do it, but simple doesn’t always mean easy! The hardest part is remembering to do it but I’m going to help you with that.

Today I want to teach you a technique, two techniques in fact, that will enable you end your suffering and experience relief.

This process is transformative and will have a huge impact on your life if you use it. I’ve used it myself to transform my fears and I can attest to it’s power.

You will be feeling lighter, freer and happier straight away once you start to use the processes.

This is not about using affirmations, writing gratitude lists or repeating mantras (although all these are wonderful practices.) It’s something completely different and probably not what you’re expecting, but it works!

In this webinar (no opt-in required) you’ll discover:

  • The single cause of suffering.
  • How to identify this cause.
  • Two important techniques to end your suffering. (Something you probably won’t expect but they work brilliantly.)

I recorded this webinar yesterday evening, not anticipating how quickly it would get dark! So towards the end you can see the light fading. Luckily I have some candles glowing in the background. And rather than re-record it, I’m okay with it being perfectly imperfect. And the message is still as powerful!

After you’ve watched it let me know your take aways, key insights and aha moments.



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