Messages From Your Angels

Angel Messages

Messages From Your Angels – Monday 17th July 2017

“The reason you have a hard time with patience is because you come from a realm of instant manifestation. You are eternal spirit, existing beyond the realm of time and space but you have chosen now to experience this life. You have come to know the limitations of time and space and yet on another level you know not of limits.

“You exist in the eternal now. This now moment may seem like you are waiting for something to happen but you know that on the ethereal level it has already happened. This creates a sense of impatience. Knowing your manifestation is already realised you struggle to wait to see it in your 3D reality.

“In truth, impatience can be a good sign. It is a sign that what you are waiting for is already coming to you. But knowing that you can have whatever you want, you realise there is no need for your impatience. Everything you desire is manifest. Trust, remain open, and receive in Divine timing.

“Divine timing is the realisation of your desire at the perfect moment. The moment when you are ready to receive, the moment when you are able to believe and the moment when you are aligned with your good.

“So we say to you, be forever patient knowing that all you desire and more is coming to you. Trust in and enjoy the process.”

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