Episode 08: The Essence of Creation

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast Episode 08: The Essence of Creation

This episode is beautiful, powerful and profound! I’m chatting with Yoga teacher, facilitator & teacher trainer, Lou Horgan. Lou’s powerful mission statement is:

“While the wisdom of great teachers has informed my yoga, the profound rhythms and cycles of the natural world have offered me the greatest teachings of all. Awakening to these patterns within is at the centre of what I practice and what I teach. My voice speaks to the re-emergence of yoga practices, designed specifically for women and those who wish to align with and acknowledge the divine feminine within us all.”

And this is exactly what we’ll be talking about in this episode. This is not just an interview about Yoga, but something much deeper, something that has been overlooked for centuries and something Lou is passionate about bringing back into our conscious awareness. It’s something we all have a deep knowing of within but we simply have forgotten how to access this knowing.

I’m excited to share some of the fascinating insights Lou will be revealing in this interview:

  • Hear about Lou’s personal story and how her Yoga journey began with Madonna!
  • Using the natural rhythms and cycles of life, in particular drawing on the power of the menstrual cycle.
  • Discover the power of the Divine Feminine and the embodiment of spiritual practices.
  • The possibility to touch into deep states of divine inspiration.
  • How we’re missing out on so much through being numb and not fully feeling.
  • Inviting in that profound, instinctual wisdom that is present in each of us.
  • Learn about Shakti, it’s power and how to create space for it to arise.
  • The undervalued and under practiced state that can lead to massive spiritual and personal growth.

“I touched into a place that not only transformed me, but it transformed my worldview, how I taught Yoga and it created a questioning about what I knew so far… a big missing chunk of wisdom that just wasn’t covered.” ~ Lou Horgan

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