Using The Law of Resonance to Transmute Energy

Using The Law of Resonance to Transmute Energy

Some days it can feel like everything is going wrong and the universe is out to get you. We’ve all had those days and you probably just accepted that you were having an “off” day. But you don’t have to spend the whole day feeling off, there is something you can to to transform your energy and your day. The key is the Law of Resonance.

In this episode of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast I explain about the Law of Resonance and what it is. I share how to use it when you’re having an off day to bring your energy back into alignment and start feeling good again.

This practice is much quicker and easier to apply than other techniques I’ve been using. I love discovering processes that are both practical and super effective!


Episode 42: How to Apply the Law of Resonance

The Humming Effect: Sound Healing for Health and Happiness

I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast. If you’d like to connect with your Angels, and discover powerful spiritual practices to elevate your life, my members group the Fiercely Spiritual Family could be the very thing you’re looking for. Find out more here.

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