March Astrology & Energy – Huge Shifts Coming

March Astrology & Energy – Huge Shifts Coming

In this podcast episode, you’ll discover the powerful energies and themes that will be present throughout the month of March.

As we move from the introspective and contemplative Pisces season into the more dynamic and assertive Aries season, there’s a sense of newness, wonder, and playfulness in the air, providing ample opportunity for growth and transformation.

During the episode, you’ll learn about the significance of the number three in numerology and how it can be a positive sign from your angels and guides. You’ll also discover the transformative energies of the upcoming Full Moon in Virgo, Aries season, and the Equinox, as well as the potent new beginning that the New Moon in Aries will bring.

March encourages us to embrace change and take bold steps forward, tapping into our own courage and passions to fuel desires and goals.

Tune into the full episode if you’re looking to tap into these energies and take advantage of the opportunities for growth and transformation.
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I’m Sandra Rea, an author, healer & spiritual teacher.

I help empaths get crystal clear guidance from the Angels each day so they can stop doubting their direction and start trusting they are guided and taken care of.

I’m the host of the Fiercely Spiritual Podcast and Founder of the Fiercely Spiritual Family.

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