Episode 10: Reframing Death and Suicide

Sandra Rea’s Fiercely Spiritual Podcast, Episode 10: Reframing Death and Suicide

Do you have a loved one or a friend who had passed over who you’d love to have a conversation with, feel the warmth of their presence and know that they are okay?

We all have at least one person who we’d like to connect with again.

But death doesn’t have to be so final. We CAN still communicate with loved ones who have transitioned. In fact they are trying to communicate with us all the time.

This week I was chatting with author and psychic medium Wendy Terry. Wendy shares her story about how she could always see people who she could see through, how she was the only one in her family who had this gift and the problems that led to. She also shares about:

  • Her fear of the night and how she got over it.
  • The soul purpose behind suicide.
  • Messages from spirit and how death isn’t a barrier to communicating with loved ones who have passed over.
  • Past lives and multi dimensional reality.
  • The significance of dreams and the messages we receive.
  • Unconditional love and the lessons “difficult” relationships can bring.
  • Breaking through limiting beliefs and the process of evolving.
  • And so much more!

My hope is that in this episode you’ll receive comfort from grief and loss while also expanding your awareness of the afterlife. There is still so little we know about death but Wendy gives us a peek into the other side, which may not be as far removed as you might have thought.

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