Your Angel Guidance Monday 28th May – Sunday 3rd June

Angel Guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 28th May – Sunday 3rd June

“Life is beautiful. All of it. But your willingness to see it this way is limited. You can see it this way if you choose but you are choosing to see it as something else. The choice is always yours. You can choose to enjoy the delicious contrast of life and drink it up, every last sip. Or you can choose to see the contrast as a heavy burden. When you choose the latter life does become a heavy burden and the beauty is hard to find. It is still there but your focus is on the heaviness instead of the beauty.

“Have you ever been shopping for a new car and started noticing everywhere you go the same model as the one you are buying? Why is this? It’s because you are so focused on what you want that you become increasingly aware of the same cars on the road. It’s not because there are suddenly more of these cars on the road, you have simply become more aware of them.

“It’s the same with everything in your reality. Whatever you focus on seems to expand because you become aware of it more and more. If you focus on the beauty of life, that is what you will see, more and more. If you focus only on your problems then this is what you will find, more and more.

“We’re not saying to ignore your “problems”, we’re simply asking you to be aware of where you place your focus. If you want something more, place your focus on it. It you want something less, take your focus away from it.

“This is counterintuitive to you as you have spent most of your life doing the exact opposite. We invite you to give it a try, just for a day and see what happens. Focus on happiness and that is what you’ll find. Focus on Abundance and it will be there for you. Focus on wellbeing and you will feel well.”

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I’m Sandra, an Author, Healer & Speaker & I teach spiritual empowerment for women. I help you to create a life more extraordinary through meditation, manifestation and mastering your mindset. Ready to become the masterful creator of your life?  Learn More Here.

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