Messages From Your Angels

Angel Messages

Messages From Your Angels – Monday 14th August 2017

“You have something valuable to offer. You have a unique purpose and a unique path. It is your choice to walk this path or to walk another of your choosing. We are here to guide you either way. There are no wrong decisions.

“Each road leads you back to the path of your destiny. The path can seem long and meandering, and often it is when you are unclear of your purpose. We can guide you back on the path of purpose and fulfillment. But you need to listen to our guidance to succeed. We can not guide you if you are not listening.

“You can hear our guidance in the promptings of your soul, when you still your mind and become quiet, when you walk in nature and reconnect with all that is. Take time each day to connect with us, to listen to your inner voice, for it is the voice of God. God is within you, forever guiding you, always available to you. There is never any disconnect. It is only that you hear the voice of the ego over the still quiet promptings of your soul.

“Take time today Beloved One to to hear our guidance. Be still and know that we are with you. The answers to your questions are available to you now. Be still and listen. You have the power to connect with this wisdom. Be still.”

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