Your Angel Guidance 2nd – 8th October 2017

Angel Guidance

Your Angel Guidance 2nd – 8th October 2017

“Peace is everlasting. It has never gone away. It is only your ability to tune into the everlasting peace that has changed. You believe that peace comes and goes, that it is intermittent and unreliable.

“Your Peace is guaranteed.

“In your busy life peace seems to elude you. Peace hides out in quiet places. It is ever present in stillness. A quiet mind knows peace. Learn to be in stillness, to let go of doing and start being.

“Your peace is within you now. Do you remember it? Begin to reconnect with it. Let it fill you up.

“Recognise the peace within you. Be with it. Remain in this space of stillness. Breathe it in. Know you are home.

“Whenever you feel fearful, let peace be with you. When you know where it lies you’ll know where to find it. Become familiar with peace and let it find you.

“Your everlasting peace is your choice. Only you can choose. And this choice for peace is available to you in each and every moment, no matter what is going on on the outside, peace always resides within.

“Go in peace Beloved One.”

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