Your Angel Guidance Monday 9th – Sunday 16th October 2017

Angel guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 9th – Sunday 16th October 2017

“Your fears are not something to be afraid of. See them as a vicious dog and you will get bitten. See them rather as a harmless puppy and you will take the fear out of your fears!

“Whatever you give power to grows. So rather than seeing your fears as something to be resisted or avoided, welcome them, thank them for showing up and then see the invalidity of them.

“You say “laugh in the face of fear” we agree, there is no better way to deal with fears than to see the funny side of them. Yes, even “big” fears can be laughed at. In reality, no fear is any greater or lesser, it is simply how much attention you choose to give to it.

“So welcome your fears but do not live with them, simply welcome and release them, acknowledging their insignificance. Fear can be your teacher but not when you allow it to take over. Just as a harmless puppy can teach you patience, tolerance and forgiveness, fear can teach many things. But not when you are “caught up” in fear, only when you thank fear for highlighting some part of you that is calling for release. Release it and move on.

“Explore your fears, do not run from them. Be curious about what aspect is coming up for release and welcome the coming change. Know that you are continually growing and learning. Enjoy the process. There really is no need to be so serious!”

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