Messages From Your Angels

Angel Messages

Messages From Your Angels – Monday 31st July 2017

“Faith is the power to behold that which is on it’s way before it has arrived. It is the ability to see in your hands the manifestation of your needs even though you have no way of knowing how this manifestation will take place. Faith is holding strong to your visions when nothing seems to be happening, knowing that God is working away in the background.

“We understand that this is difficult for you. Going to the gym is also difficult. When you begin there is no evidence of your body getting stronger and your fitness increasing, but you continue to go anyway because you know when you persist, eventually you will see the results you desire. In truth, you don’t have to work so hard to get these results but that’s a conversation for another day!

“So, why is faith any different? It is not! The difference is that you are not as persistent with your faith as you are with your fitness. Let’s change that! Let’s build up your faith as you would your fitness – step by step. Start with small acts of faith. Ask for a sign that you are being guided. We Angels love to send you signs of our presence but most go unnoticed.

“Then ask for a gift. We will present to you a small gift. It may come through another person or in an unexpected way. Don’t lookout for your gift, for it will arrive when you are least expecting it! But be mindful of all that you receive.

“Ask for direction, we will be most happy to guide you. And when you receive our guidance, trust you are on the right path.

“Enjoy building your faith “muscle” for it will serve you greatly. Trust the process and as you receive the signs from us, don’t question the prompts you are receiving.

“We will work with you to help build up your faith.”

Your Angel Messages are brought to you by Sandra Rea

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