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Your Angel Messages – Monday 15th May 2017

“This is a time of great opportunity. New doorways are opening up and new pathways are appearing ahead of you. It is up to you to choose. Are you prepared to continue along a path of lack, despair and frustration or are you finally ready to release the need for suffering and accept a life of greater ease and flow?

“We’re glad you are stepping onto this path now and we are ready to guide you further. The doorways opening up hold great potential indeed, but it is up to you to seize the moment and be prepared for a bumpy ride. We say bumpy as the path of least resistance is not always the smoothest path! It is the lesser travelled path and it is up to you to forge the road ahead, to be a way shower and a light bearer. And we know that you are more than ready to take up this mantle.

“Lead the way with pride, confidence and knowing that you are supported and you cannot fail. Know this without any doubt.

“Reconnect with this knowing when at times you feel uncertain, when you feel lost and when you are in need of greater assurance. Know that you are on the right path and walk it with certainty. Be in your power. This is where your strength lies.”

Messages from your Angels are brought to you by Sandra Rea

I am Sandra, your Zen Deity of transformation. I turn your suffering into ease, your pain into relief and your confusion into clarity… Learn More Here

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