Your Angel Guidance Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th January 2018

Angel Guidance

Your Angel Guidance Monday 22nd – Sunday 28th January 2018

“There is an air of anticipation this week. As you go about your life, it feels as if you are waiting for something to unfold. It is not the unfolding you are waiting for, it is the feeling the “unfolding” brings. There is nothing to wait for in reality because you have everything within you. The feeling you have is coming from a place of lack, anticipating the arrival of something you don’t have. When you have everything already there is nothing to wait for. You can’t gain any more when you have everything already.

“We want you to embody this concept more and more, the feeling of already being enough, of already having everything you could ever want and being who you want to be. Step into this existence now.Be in the knowledge of your completeness, feel it inside you. Knowing this will change everything. You will go from a lack of understanding to complete awareness. You will go from anticipation to acceptance. You will realise that everything exists in this moment and everything else is but an illusion.

“This is powerful, this is where your power lies. Nothing can take that away from you. You are in control and you have the power to decide the truth of your reality. You can choose to focus on lack or you can choose to focus on wholeness. When you choose the latter and keep choosing it, your world will open up in magnificent ways.

“Choosing wholeness, completeness, oneness is the opposite to separation and the skill you have to master. Ask to see with eyes that see all. Ask to feel with a heart that feels all. Ask to know with a mind that knows all. Ask to know the truth of who you are.

“Be in the fullness of your magnificence and remember this in each moment.”

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