Find Your Sacred Space and Optimise Your Life


Find Your Sacred Space and Optimise Your Life

Deepak Chopra says it’s natural for babies to be in bliss. It’s true, what’s more blissful than a baby snuggled up in its mothers arms, safe, content, peaceful. This, to me is my sacred space, that space of perfect peace, safety and bliss. But how do you access that place when the world around you seems to be anything but bliss? It’s not difficult and it’s not easy, one of the wonderful paradoxes of the universe! I always say “it’s easy when you know how”, but most people have no idea how to get there. But once you find this sacred refuge, you’ll never want to leave.

Where is this elusive sacred space that we speak of?

Quite simply, it’s inside you. Although, You’ve done such a good job of covering it up, it seems as if it has disappeared. It hasn’t, it’s just buried deep. Very deep. You don’t need to start digging with a shovel to uncover what you’ve lost. The layers of soil which you have piled on top of your sacred space will begin to lift, as if by magic, when you decide to reclaim what’s yours. But how do you reclaim your sacred space when it’s been so long since you have visited there? We’ll come to that in a moment.

The good news is you don’t have to be a zen monk or a hermit to visit this sacred sanctum within you. Everyone has access to it and everyone can go there. Your own personal Disney Land (without the queues) that you can visit whenever you like. Life seems overwhelming? Go to your sacred space. Worries crowding your mind? Go to your sacred space. Energy levels low? Go to your sacred space.

Here, in this space, no worries are found, just perfect peace. Nothing seems overwhelming, just calm. Here is where you get to fill up your cup. A place where you can rest so deeply that you come back truly refreshed and reenergised.

Your entry is free of charge, in fact, not entering this space will cost you greatly. It’s the cost of standing on top of your pile of dirt, searching everywhere for something, anything to make you feel better, but nothing works. So you keep adding to the mound hoping eventually something you add will be that special “je ne sais quoi” that will grant you peace.

Inner world and Outer World

The truth is, your inner sanctuary is all you ever wanted and all you’ll ever need. There is nothing the outer world can offer you. You already have everything. You are the wellspring from which everything pours forth. You are the source. When you fill your cup from the source you’ll never be wanting again. Stop the endless searching. Lay down your weapons, the fight is over.

You hear its gentle whispers “go within”. But you’re afraid to go there. You’re afraid of what you might find, or rather, what you might lose. You will lose everything. Your mound of dirt which you have meticulously built up your entire life will begin to disintegrate before you. Your world will tremble and you’ll begin falling down from a great height. This mound is built out of your fears, doubts and insecurities, it’s the false sense of self which you have established through your career, relationships and the trappings of your life. The higher you’ve built your mound, the further you’ll fall. There is no ground below to catch you, just empty space. You’ll begin falling into You, the real You who doesn’t need to be covered, hidden under piles of dirt. The real You longs for this open, expansive space, but the You which has become accustomed to sanding on top of your muddy hill craves the seeming safety of solid/soiled ground. But this “safe” place has hidden the very thing you crave most.

Beyond Oblivion

Once you stop fighting and allow yourself to fall into oblivion, you’ll find your sacred space. It’s easier to do than you think. You simply let go. You stop resisting your painful emotions and instead allow them to pass through you. Not venting but allowing the painful feelings to rise up inside you unbidden. You become still, very still. You relax your body and allow what is.

The years of resisting have made this task seem almost impossible, but you can always begin anew. If you want it enough, you will devote your entire life to non-resistance. Not because you have to, but because you know that your mound is worthless and your resistance only holds it together. And because your sacred space is calling you. The closer you get to it, the more you’ll want to rest within this space. Now, you see your once prized mound for what it really is—a pile of mud. Nobody wants this, not when you can have everything.

Blissful Presence

When you become still, you escape the chaos of the outer world. When you have fallen through the the seeming abyss, the noisy chatter of your mind will be gone and you’ll come to rest in a silence so profound, so familiar and so necessary. This is the sacred space which has eluded you. Nothing will be forever the same again. You will have come to know the God within and you’ll have tasted eternity. There is no going back, indeed there is no back, no forward, only blissful presence.

Ready to experience this for yourself?
I’ve created a guided meditation to visit your Temple of Light. Listen daily and you will come to find your sacred space.

Get the Meditation here

Who Am I?

I’m Sandra, a life alchemist dedicated to helping people like you to deeply heal, to discover your purpose, and live your best life. Learn More Here

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